The Houses

Four Houses

The house point system is a traditional feature of British, in which the school is divided into a number of ‘house’ and each student is allocated into one of these houses. Each house is made up of senior and junior students, senior students will help the new students faster into the school's life.

The House Point System

Each college will conduct an integral ranking system, which will motivate the students in the same house to make progress, and the students can obtain the points to prove their achievements and values in a variety of ways.

Points are awarded for a number of reasons; for example, great classwork, good homework, teamwork, being helpful, taking part in a school event, or excellent test results. They are not only given for academic performance but also for sports and extra-curricular activities as well as personal strengths and characteristics.

The House Ranking

  • 342TIGER
  • 543DRAGON
  • 426PHOENIX
  • 502EAGLE

The houses point system is a way to encourage and motivate our students and to recognize their personal achievements. Each House offers an exciting array of activities - ranging from pure fun to the more serious inter-House competitions, which covers almost every facet of School life academic, sport, music and drama. This range is deliberate to encourage every pupil to feel they have something worthwhile to contribute, and also to help expand each pupil's horizons so that they truly gain an all-round education.

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