• During the study in your school, can I choose the other way into the UK and US universities?
    In the US a student can enter university via a community college which offers the first two years of a 4 year degree and the final two years at university.  In the UK, as long as a student has attempted ‘A’ Levels and has shown success at AS and IGCSE level, a student may study two years at a pathway college, and then transfer to an attached university for the final two years of a 3 year undergraduate degree.  Both will still require a good level of English, a key focus of what we do at CDOIC.
  • What makes Oxford International College of Chengdu different from others?
    All classes at Oxford International College of Chengdu are delivered in English by certified and experienced teachers who speak English as their first language Unlike traditional schools who focus only on students’ academic performance, Oxford International College actively supports students in their overall development. In the boarding house, our experienced supervisors care for students’ life and growth. In school, we group students of the same age together with assigned tutors, one foreign and one Chinese. Also, We educate students for much more than just academic results, however. The ‘Three As’ summarise Oxford International College’s approach; they are: Academic Attainment, Attitudes, and Abilities. In other words, at our schools, the development of traditional intellectual competencies goes hand in hand with the development of character and life skills. Click here to know more
  • Does Oxford International College service all the university application? And how is it?
    CDOIC supports all students through their university application procedure, via UCAS for the UK and via individual applications for the US.  We focus our entire English teaching provision on gaining successful IELTS and TOEFL scores.
  • What is the relationship between Chengdu Education Bureau and your school?
    Oxford International College of Chengdu is endorsed by the Chenghua Education Bureau. With its endorsement, Oxford International College of Chengdu is able to offer students a unique alternative to the traditional Chinese education curriculum.
  • Which types of students are best suited for Oxford International College?
    Our students join us with the prime intention of transferring to a top university worldwide, but particularly in the US or the UK. So students who have that objective in mind and have the academic potential to succeed are best suited to join CDOIC.
  • When can my child enrol?
    Most students begin their studies at the start of the academic year in September. However, it is possible for students to enrol at the beginning of the Spring Semester. For students who have not completed their middle school education, entry is extended to join our Year 9 throughout the year. This Pre-IGCSE pathway consists of one year’s intensive preparation course, followed by two years which lead to the IGCSE examination standards. Following this are two years leading to the A-levels. If entry is during February (Semester Two) the student undertakes 5 months intensive pre-IGCSE study. Following this they will complete two years leading to IGCSE level. Finally, they will complete two years culminating in A-level. Students aged 14 or 15 who have completed their middle school education and have evidence to support their entry into the A-Level programme spend two years completing the course work for IGCSE examinations. Following this they complete an additional two years to A-level. Students aged 16/17 must complete two years for A-level.
  • Is your school the complete international school? And do you have any international student from abroad?
    The student body consists of Chinese students who plan to study abroad for university. In preparing these students for an international academic environment, students at Oxford International College of Chengdu study an entirely British-style curriculum where they prepare for internationally-recognised academic tests such as the IGCSE and A-Levels. This ensures that students are well-accustomed to the differences that a western-style education has to offer. Students learn not only to achieve and maintain academic excellence, but to do this while building valuable life skills through participating in extracurricular activities, known at Oxford International College of Chengdu as the Enrichment Curriculum. On top of their course load, students are encouraged to participate in sports, drama, or community service to teach them the values of teamwork, leadership, and community involvement. Finally, since almost all students board, they also form long-lasting friendships and learn independence and self-reliance. Students who graduate from Oxford International College of Chengdu are therefore not only prepared to attend a top-tier university overseas, but also equipped with life skills that they will carry into university and throughout their careers.
  • Does OIC offer financial aid?
    Yes, bursaries are available. In order to help outstanding students get the best international education available, Oxford International College offers monetary aid to students who may otherwise not be able to afford such an education. These are need-based only.
  • How does OIC recognize students with strong abilities?
    Oxford International College recognises students who demonstrate exceptional performance in academic or extracurricular fields with merit scholarships. The scholarships add weight to students’ university applications and demonstrate a strong work ethic and integrity.
  • Why should OIC students board?
    A longer curriculum day and supervised homework provide the support students need while they prepare themselves for the independent study required by university. Through close interaction with others in the boarding community, students learn the social skill of teamwork, tolerance, understanding, leadership and respect. Boarding also can help parents develop better relationships with their children because time spent together is quality time. For more information, please visit Boarding

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