The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh award, a prestigious award, is helpful for students to demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and executive power. More than 7 million young people in the world are involved in this activity, which is also the world wide range of universities in the admission assessment as an important reference. Oxford international school by students, school system, sports projects and will help students develop the collective project execution and management ability. These abilities are helpful to our students to cultivate team spirit and team building skills and to build confidence and maturity. The extracurricular activities and sports events in the school curriculum are also included in the Duke of Edinburgh award. In a word, the Duke of Edinburgh Award for personal challenges including volunteering, fitness project, learn new skills and team Tuoba activities. The performance of students in each area will be recorded and evaluated the gold, silver and bronze.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Oxford International School in Chengdu school for students to build the internationally recognized platform - the Duke of Edinburgh award awards. At present, the world has more than 7 million students to participate in this award, the world's top universities also attaches great importance to this award. The Duke of Edinburgh award has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. For the bronze and silver medals, has four projects, and asked for more of a gold medal. Requirements from the age of 14, but not more than 25 years to complete. 

  • Skill Learning

  • Physical Exercise

  • Outdoor Exploration

  • Charity activities

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