British mathematics UKMT mathematics competition

The mathematics competition, which is organized by the British institution of mathematics, is the largest in the UK. The institution is a registered charitable organization aimed at improving the mathematics level of young students.  Last school year, the world has more than 4000 schools, a total of more than 6 children participated in the competition. There are three categories in the game, and we are in the middle of the school competition, which is suitable for middle school students aged 16-19 years.

Edexcel Examination Center

Edexcel, formally known as Pearson Edexcel - London Examinations, is a multinational education and examination body owned by Pearson.Edexcel is a portmanteau term combining the words Education & Excellence. It regulates school examinations under the British Curriculum and offers qualifications for schools on the international and regional scale. Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding organisation offering academic and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and work places in the UK and abroad. It is also recognised internationally.

UCAS- University and college enrollment Service Center

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities. Services provided by UCAS include several online application portals, a number of search tools, and free information and advice directed at various audiences, including students considering higher education, students with pending applications to higher education institutes, parents and legal guardians of applicants,etc.


Oxford International College of Chengdu provides the opportunity for students to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Over 7 million young people have participated, and it is valued by universities worldwide who use the result as evidence of specific achievement. For more informational about Duke of Edinburgh’s international award.

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