The Cambridge Student Parents and Excellent Student Sharing Session ended successfully!
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On the afternoon of 23rd of June, CDOIC’s lecture hall was crowded as almost one hundred parents and students attended our sharing session and they talked to one of our excellent graduates Jason’s mother.



Our sharing session started with speeches from CDOIC’s principal, Carlie Peng and academic principal Daniel Centeno. On behalf of CDOIC, they expressed their warmest welcome to all students and parents who attended the sharing session.


The event continued with a speech from Jason’s mother. The topic of her speech is Parents are the stating line of their children., through which she shared her experience of raising children.


After Jason mother’s wonderful speech, Alan and Marion, representatives of the 2018 outstanding graduates, shared their school life in CDOIC and experience of university applications.


In the Q&A session, parents and sharing guests communicated and interacted freely. A more realistic CDOIC was presented to everyone and the sharing session ended successfully.


Jason Mom's Quotations

1、Child becomes what kind of person, which depends on his parents and families. I believe that there are very few genius child. A child is like a piece of white paper.

In the same social environment, every child's shows varieties of personalities and characteristics and depends on how to be painted by parents.


2、I think parents are the starting line for their children. This does not mean how much social wealth and high social status parents have, but the pattern and vision of their parents.


3、Many parents mistakenly believe that sending their children to a key school or even an "expensive" school shows responsibility of them. When children at very young age, they were sent to other places to study. In fact, they were at the stage of youth growth to shape the values and world view. However, without parents around, it would cause a series of problems.


4、Don't let your child get tired on the starting line. Parents' companionship is more effective than early education. Many parents are replaced by early classes and interest classes, which is to erase the children's interest and creativity. Curiosity and the spirit of exploration are the wealth that is able to accompany your child's life.


5、Parents should not feel bothered by children. However, we need to protect ability of‘ask questions’. More importantly, we should encourage children to solve problems on their own. To protect the children's "100,000 why" questioning spirit, nowadays the Internet is convenient. Children can find answers online by themselves.


6、Read more, walk more. When you and your child walk through so many museums in Europe, and then open the book "The Story of Art", returning to the historical scene and reading the book again, it will be a better aesthetic education.


7、Parents should open a window for the child to understand the world and insist on doing every little thing. Meanwhile, we need to guide and cultivate the child's aesthetic experience, independence ability and questioning spirit with the correct educational concept.


8、Education is not a one-time thing, but a process of subtlety and dripping. I have spent fifteen years making children less refusal to go to museums and galleries.

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