CDOIC 2018 Summer A Level results announced!
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CDOIC 2018 Summer A Level results announced!


The Y13 students achieved great results not only meet the requirements for their universities, but also the best results ever in CDOIC history. These remarkable results will maintain in the record for years. Jason who has already been confirmed place in Cambridge University obtained all A* in his five A-level subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics and Chinese.


Twenty-three Y13 students took A-level Maths exams and all of them achieved C or above. 7 A*s and 12 As which gave 83% A/A* makes CDOIC one of the top schools all around the world. The 7 A* students are Jason, Alan, Brandy, Rain, Tony, Hattie and Nikki. In Further Maths there are 4 students obtained A*: Jason, Hattie, Rain and Nikki and overall 67% students achieved A*/A, which is also a leading group in the world high schools. We have another remarkable achievement this year that 3 students achieved A* in Physics: Jason, Tony and Ted Wei. All the 13 students passed Physics and 92% got C or above. In Chemistry, Economics, Chinese and Photography all the Y13 students have achieved C or above, while Tia and Miki achieved A* in Chinese as well as Jason. All the graduates are accepted by their first choice of UK universities, 1 in Cambridge, 3 in UCL, 3 in Edinburgh, 2 in Warwick and 1 in UAL. The students who are going to US or Canada will depart shortly.


Besides Jason,we also have many students achieved all A*/A in A-level exams. Congratulations to all the Y13 students, they are the pride of the school, the pride of the teacher, the pride of their parents. They should be more proud of themselves. The hard work of a few years has finally paid off, and we wish them all the best in college life.


Tony: A*A*AA

Hattie, Nikki: A*A*A

Brandy, Alan: A*AAA

Doris: AAAA

Kevin, Bill Wei, Toby: AAA

Rain: A*A*

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