2018-2019 The Opening Ceremony of CDOIC
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2018-2019 The Opening Ceremony of CDOIC



The opening ceremony started with a piano solo from Susan Zhou.


Vice and Academic Principal of CDOIC, Daniel, welcomed every CDOIC student back to school and congratulated them on starting the new academic term.

Introduction to new staff

Principal Carlie Peng of CDOIC introduced the new CDOIC teachers and staff who have joined us. All new teachers and staff interacted with students in their own way.

Dividing into classes

Moral educator of CDOIC, Sophie, divided students into different classes and assigned them tutors.


Agnes Huang shared her university tour during summer holidays in UK. Her English is impeccable.

Excellent new students joining in

During 2018-2019, CDOIC attracted not only brilliant teachers, but also many excellent students. They are from Beijing, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Kunming etc.; Moreover, some of them are from key schools in Chengdu, such as Chengdu Foreign Languages School, Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School, Chengdu experimental foreign languages school west campus, Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School, Chengdu Shishi high school, Xichuan Middle School, etc.; Especially, some students used to study at international school in the USA, Singapore, Canada etc.

New Achievements

The content of the opening ceremony was splendid and significant. CDOIC welcomed our new and old students with a professional and responsible attitude. Also, a new term has officially begun.

With British campus environment and professional teaching team, CDOIC focuses on holistic education and lets students live and study in a confident, responsible and self-disciplined atmosphere.

We believe that there will be much more colorful activities, learning stories and unique experiences in the near future. We are expecting next legend!

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