The Opening Ceremony of CDOIC
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The summer vacation is over, and the new semester has officially started. On the morning of August 28, all the teachers and students of CDOIC attended an assembly to welcome in the new academic year.

Mr. Charlie Peng, the Principal of CDOIC, remarked: “It is a great pleasure to see students return to school and we welcome the new students and new teachers who have joined CDOIC.”

The assembly commenced with a flag-raising ceremony, the national anthem reminding the students of the new semester, with new goals and new challenges to overcome.

Our vice-principal and head of academics, Dr. Lisa Macleod, presented an overview of the semester to come, and the head of each academic department introduced all the teachers of each subject group to the students.

Our University Applications Advisor, Rosemary Moore, shared the fantastic results and university destinations of CDOIC graduate class of 2017. She offered her wishes that current students are inspired by the success of CDOIC graduates.

Our principal, Mr. Charlie Peng,closed the assembly with a reminder to the students of the rules and regulations of CDOIC, so that they might begin the year on the correct footing. 

Our top-achieving students at A-Level and IGCSE were announced as candidates for CDOIC Scholarships.

“In the end, I wish for students to strive for new achievements in the new semester. Together we will work together to create a better future for CDOIC.”

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