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nother graduation season and CDOIC is about to send off 13 graduates!

CDOIC was established in 2011. That year the school had 6 graduates. They entered University College London, Imperial College London, University of the Arts in London, Central Saint Martin’s, Claremont Mckenna, University of Florida, University of Toronto, University of Sydney, Melbourne University, and other schools all around the globe.

This year, our school received 55 letters of acceptance from elite overseas schools, and each of our students received at least 4 letters of acceptance!

In order to guarantee the quality of learning, our school only accepts a limited number of students — please register in advance for application, please consult our fall 2017 enrolment. In order to encourage outstanding students, our school's special autumn scholarship program welcomes students to sign up for the challenge, with scholarships up to 100,000 RMB per year per person.

2017Fall Notice


Chinese andForeign students between the ages of 14-18 (or the equivalent foreign highschool grades) 

  •  Admission grade

Grade *10(equivalent to the third grade in China)

Grade *11(equivalent to domestic senior one)

Grade *12(equivalent to high school in China) 

  •  Entrance examination 

School independent entrance examination

Zhongkao exam result





English Interview


Senior high school entrance examination results reached above the line, can be the entrance.

For thestudents who take part in the school entrance examination, and pass theexamination, classes will be arranged according to their results.

For students applying with senior highschool entrance examination scores, students can focus on the line above theentrance. Non key students need to take the school entrance examination.

Talentedstudents in arts, sports, or other areas of expertise, can apply for a specialschool entrance examination.

2017 Autumn Scholarship Policy

In order to encourage and help more excellent students to acceptinternational education, and for the future, to enter the world's eliteuniversities, Oxford International School of Chengdu every year producesstudents of excellent and noble character, and have scholarships in recognitionof their achievements. The 2017 fall scholarship policy is as follows:

       1. have the intention to accept international education, and in the 

           futureto study abroad, in an elite university.

       2.excellent academic record, comprehensive ability, or have a 


       3. good command of English in listening, speaking, reading and 


1) onlineregistration:

2) school:Chengdu, Chenghua District, Taoqi Road No. 185, Oxford International SchoolAdmissions Office;

3) phonenumber: 028-83517000

4)During the summer vacation, please contact our school admissions office in advance to enquire about admission andenrolment

If successful, on the day after the examination, thestudents will be admitted and enrolled within one week.

2017 fall admission time: August 28,2017

Note: the interpretation ofthe above admissions po

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