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Good news! In recent days, CDOIC students have received many university offers. Offers have been extended by top ranking UK universities, and top ranking Australia Universities etc. 

Congratulations to our upcoming graduating class of 2017, having received conditional offers so early in the academic year.

Let‘s have a look at these universities.

UK Universities:

1.Imperial  College London-Rank 5th

2.University College London-Rank 7th

3.Warwick Rank 8th

4.Loughborough Rank 10

5.Bath-Rank 11th

6.Surrey-Rank 13th

7.Leeds-Rank 14th

8.Bristol-Rank 17th

9.Nottingham Rank 18th

10.King's College London 21th

Australia Universities:

1.Australian National University-Rank 1st

2.University of Melbourne-Rank 2nd

3.University of Sydney-Rank 3rd

4.University of New South Wales-Rank 4th

5.Monash University-Rank 6th

6.Griffith University-Rank 18

America Universities:

1.UC Santa Barbara

2.UC Irvine

3.The Pennsylvania State University

4.OHIO University

5.Worcester Polytechnic Institute

6.Northern Arizona University

7.Rutgers the State University of New Jersey

8.University of Cincinnati

9.Hulman Institute of Technology

10.UC Santa Cruz

Canada Universities:

1.University of Windsor

2.Ryerson University

Switzerland University:

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

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