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Congratulations to the CDOIC  students who have been awarded of a certificate‍ ‍‍of excellence ‍‍from the University of Glasgow's En‍gineering ‍Department.

The University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow, located in the eponymous third largest city in the UK, was founded in 1451. It is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. In over 500 years the University of Glasgow has cultivated many renowned alumni, including the father of Economics, Adam Smith, the founder of thermodynamics, Lord Kelvin, the famous inventor James Watt, the founder of the Scottish enlightenment, Francis Hutchison,and the pioneer of antiseptic surgery, Joseph Lister, to name but a very few.

Our principal congratulated the students on  their achievement.

The entire school was exposed to both team’s video presentations and were evidently impressed.

Dr.Bremner presented the awards to the winning team, from CDOIC.  Dr. Bremnar was particularly impressed by the engineering considerations prevalent in their 3 minute video.

Congratulations to, Gabriel and David from year 10.

Dr. Bremner presented the awards to the second-place team. He was particularly impressed by the professionalism of the video production.

Congratulations to, Neo, Erin, Edward and Chris from year 1.

The prizes awarded reflected the excellent team co-operation, communicative  ability, and the innovation of the teams. Certificates of this nature are an excellent addition to a student’s university application. A superb effort!!

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