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CDOIC is an Independent Award Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award (DoE).The DoE is an enriching programme which invites young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to participate in a number of activities over a set length of time.

The students from Oxford International College of Chengdu go for a hiking with teachers as part of DoE on April 15th.They travelmatchled to Lianshanping to experience a weekend of challenge, adventure, and community.

The DoE award is divided into three levels depending on age and challenges completed: Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. The award consists of four aspects: volunteering, skills, physical exercise, and expedition. Our students went to Lianshanping for two days and one night hiking activity, as applicants for the DoE Bronze award expedition section.

Lianshanping, located in Dujiangyan Hongkou Township, is a mountain close to Chengdu. Full of forests, clear streams, and rugged terrain, hiking up the mountain road is a challenge. Our urban students, used to city life, find navigating the natural environment particularly testing at first, until they become used to reading nature’s signs.

Challenge 1 : Three hours of hiking

Challenge 2: Carry all required equipment

Each student needed to carry their hiking, camping, and cooking equipment to the campsite. They bore their tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mat, walking sticks, gas burners, etc. with a combined weight of more than 15 kg for some. For young people that weight can be difficult to manage, but our students rallied together and shared each other’s burdens, so that no-one was left carrying more than they were able to manage.

After three hours of hiking, students finally reached the campsite. They assisted each other to erect their tents and cook a meal.

Challenge 3: Pitch the tent

For many students this was their first time erecting a tent, but with shared experience and problem solving skills they were quickly able to make camp and settle down for the night.

Team Activities

At present more than 8 million teenagers in 140 countries participate in the DoE programme. By means of the award, Oxford International College aims to inspire our students' potential, establish and develop their character, and promote self-confidence, leadership, team spirit, life skills, etc.

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