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The CDOIC Interact club began in earnest with its first mission.  They selected a needy group of children from Jiuyi School, Heitan town Bazhong, Sichuan Province. The students from Jiuyi School love to learn, they yearn for knowledge; but their limited resources impede their way forward.  The CDOIC Interact Club, wished to help in a sustainable manner.

We "Walked into Heitan village, spread warmth " 16 Interactors from CDOIC went to Heitan village with the assistance of teachers for a three-day donation and education support activity.

Day 1

Students deliver books and other materials to the children. For them, what we bring are more than just some books, it is a glimpse into future possibilities.


Our Interactors quickly assume their role as "teachers" in English, Mathematics, Chinese, Sports, Art and Music.  16 Interactors possess a wealth of transferrable knowledge, between them.

In order to make their own class more lively and interesting, they carefully prepared their lessons in advance. They used different techniques to make the leaning more lasting.


Interactors and students establish a deep bond during the 3 days. Most of the students are left-behind children, our Interactors passed "love" with sincerity, in addition to knowledge.

At CDOIC, we attach importance to a child's sense of social responsibility, to help others less fortunate…..  AKA theCDOIC Interact Club.

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