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Basking in warm sunshine


Spring breeze


CDOIC students sweat in the playground 


The spectacular "CDOIC Sports Day” kicks off

The day began with a shrill whistle signalling a relay race.

It is particularly about promoting teamwork and student unity. “Left, Right, Left, Right~~” students shout as they cooperate.

Students are required to make their firewheel by hand. They are given newspaper and sellotape with the objective of making a wheel in which they can all fit. They then stand in their wheel and walk together to the finish line. The manner by which they connect the newspaper determines how strong their wheel. Congratulations to our Year 10 students won the "best production award”!

Although they only have newspaper and sellotape, the result is teamwork and determination

Even at the last minute the students did not give up. They try their best to complete the task, and achieve their goals.

 Here at CDOIC our teachers are energetic and filled with enthusiasm. Here they are participating in the event.

You may think a Sports Day can only consist of running, high jump, and long jump? CDOIC Sports Day exists not only to improve the physical skills of our students, but also to foster their aptitude and teamwork. Students and teachers learned to cooperate and utilise their individual talents for the benefit of the team.

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