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Traditionally students play computer games, watch movies or go shopping over a weekend: however this weekend CDOIC students were taking part in the South East China ASDAN Business Simulation. A total of 16 teams competed from across South East China (including Chengdu No. 4 High School and other top International Schools from Chongqing and Yunnan). CDOIC entered two teams who achieved 1st and 3rd respectively.  Alongside the gold (1st prize) and bronze (3rd prize) our students also ‘won’ the “most popular poster design”, “outstanding poster design” and “Enterprise Award”.

ASDAN Business Simulation features realistic situations and sets expectations of each simulated company, as presented by each team of students. Students are required to act in a professional and competitive manner in an simulated environment, which features operation in a realistic market and the need for real-time decision making.

The competition is co-organizedby local high schools and international schools across the country. It has been held over 30 times, with a total of over 4,000 students participating.

The competition includes three major sections: operations, project and trade. 

Students need to come up with their company name, the company code of ethics, the product design along with the company brand. They are required to produce hand-painted posters and present all of their content in English. The student company which earns the most profit will become champions: this year’s champions: CDOIC.

CDOIC encourages: competitiveness; teamwork; critical thinking and where appropriate, entrepreneurship: this combination helps our students in their university applications and improves; communication skills in English, public speaking, presentation skills, market analysis, problem solving skills, and knowledge application.

Communication Skills

Teamwork Skill

Public Speaking Ability

Market Analysis Capability

Problem Solving Skills

Knowledge Application

Congratulations to our gold award winners : 

Toby He, Alan Zhang, Kevin Li, Christina Luo, Doris Wu, Anna Luo and Jason Zhou (CEO)

Congratulations to bronze awards:

Tony Zhong, David Xiao, Gabriel Luo, Jerry Xie, Alice Wang and Tony Yan (CEO)

Our teams now move forward to the National Finals:

"2017 World Youth Economic Forum (Shanghai)" in August.

Watch this space, for more outstanding results from CDOIC.

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