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Last Thursday, TOEFL expert Wen Yong Liu gave a speech to our students and parents with his unique sense of humour. We all benefitted greatly from his presentation. 

He summarised the future of the TOEFL test : it will remain relatively stable with regard to difficulty, so topics and methods will be repeated in the examination in the coming years, Mr. Liu expects. This is a very directional way for students to review their English language competency.

In the face of long words, complex grammar, and confusing syntax, students always feel overwhelmed. Mr. Liu brought four very practical review criteria, which can help to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing competence.

How long in advance should a student prepare for a TOEFL test? In the opinion of Mr. Liu, the TOEFL test is a "protracted war", which should be prepared as long in advance as possible. The student should never relax until they have achieved victory.

As with any examination, making use of TOEFL past papers will save the student a lot of preparation time.  The tenet which needs to be followed is: practice past exam papers over and over again.

You can not ignore your wrong answers. Mr. Liu suggested to our students that they prepare their own "wrong notes.” Each mistake is an opportunity to learn and remember the correct answer for the next time they attempt the paper.

“Words you remember are only valuable if they can be recalled at the right time"

Developing a good habit of reviewing creates for yourself the opportunity of memory. Make a habit of reviewing and revising every day and you will master the required knowledge more effectively."

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