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When asked about Women's Day, we always seem to shake our headsand make a joke: 

I am not old enough for this holiday.

Who says this festival is a symbol of "age"?

Why can we not keep youth in our mind?

Our teachers are a great example of this: they are strict teachers, but also have a youthful, friendly, playful side they use to relate to students.

Rosemary Moore-Biology Teacher

"I like to guide students to explore the learning model and find the mystery of creatures through a variety of interesting biological experiments."

Elizabeth Platt-Vice Principal

“In addition to academic supervision I pay more attention to shaping the child's personality and to cultivating self-discipline of living habits."

Tracey Dekker- Math Teacher

“I want the children to study in a relaxed and pleasant learning environment in my class."

June Huang-Math Teacher

"I am not just a 'Cambridge Math Queen,' I am eager to work with my students to progress together

Lulu Chen-Math Teacher

It's the greatest achievement for me when I see my students progress.

Doria Hu-Chemistry Teacher

"I like to travel around the world, I want to bring the beauty of the world to my students."

 Pan Ray-Physics Teacher

I seek to make the classroom interesting,to make physics exciting to learn. 

‘Edutainment' is my teaching purpose!

Wendy Xu

"It's always fun to be with students during the weekend, I like to be with them, I love their smiles."

To be a masterof life, the protagonist of life,

You must always keep a positive heart

and be an energetic "GODDESS"

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