Extended course

Enrichment Curriculum

Internationally ranked universities require students to not only show superior academic results, but to demonstrate competence in critical thinking, creativity, originality, teamwork, problem solving, independence and commitment. Activities outside the academic curriculum facilitate the development of these vital skills.

Our Enrichment Curriculum provides opportunities for students to face new challenges,work with different people and develop confidence, independence and self-esteem. Students choose extracurricular activities to supplement their normal lessons in order to deepen their understanding and interest in their subjects. At OIC, we also believe recreation and entertainment are essential for young adults.

Global Awareness

All students have four hours per week in this subject area. Working in English in small groups, they are required to identify areas of global importance and their international context and to discuss, evaluate, identify action proposals and actively present their findings to an audience of fellow students. This programme develops the competencies of teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, debate/discussion, listening to others, forming opinions, raising confidence and effective public speaking.

Life Skill

All students have one hour per week of Life Skills. The programme is age-specific, starting with study skills, personal organization, learning strategies, standards and expectations, personal routines for independent living – for the younger students. The programme includes how to make choices, strategies for independent study and, for the most senior students, university counseling and how to prepare for their future university life in the western world.

Activities Include

  • Existence Skill|
  • Theatre|
  • Arts|
  • Engineering|
  • An Association|
  • Music|
  • Game|
  • The Whole World Consciousness|
  • Theatre Make|
  • Xiangqi|
  • Guitar|
  • Annual|
  • The Orchestra Band|
  • Singing Meeting|
  • Outing|
  • Enterprise Visit|
  • Sports Activity

Social Clubs

  • Dance Club

  • Litter Buster Club

  • Book Club

  • Art Club

  • Yoga Club

  • Make-up Club

  • Football Club

  • Turtle Business Club

  • Charity Club

  • Life Drawing Club

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