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When we mention TOEFL, we mean listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These four simple words reflect huge effort and difficulty for a candidates.

What is required of students for the 2017 standardised  TOEFL exam? How should students avoid common mistakes? How should students successfully study the four aspects of the TOEFL examination? How to improve TOEFL listening, speaking, reading and writing?

If you have these doubts, or any other questions regarding TOEFL, we bring you a solution:

TOEFL "legend" Wenyong Liu will share his valuable experience and knowledge with our students.

The nature of his classroom is humour and interest, his speaking style is passionate, and his teaching method is to subvert traditional concepts.

He will explain his methods in depth, making what can be boring topics become engaging.

One of his students with an outstandingTOFEL score of 118

He is also good at helping students quickly improve their scores, from 53 to 80

Where are his students going?

Harvard University

University of Pennsylvania

University of California – Berkeley

University of Southern California


If you are still feeling overwhelmed, welcome to CDOIC. 

We invite experts in different fields to talk with our students to help their international opportunities. 

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